Work Out Your Wardrobe – 3 Things You Should Never Wear to the Gym

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By Abby Cronin

It’s safe to say that at one point or another in your training career, you’ve realized mid-workout that your outfit just isn’t working. Whether your shorts are too short to squat in or your sports bra top is a bit too low when you bend over to pick up a weight, having your clothes get in the way of your workout is always a frustrating scenario. This list details 3 things you should never wear to the gym if you want a distraction-free training session!

  1. Translucent Leggings
    I think it’s a right of passage that every girl own at least one pair of leggings they know aren’t totally squat-proof, but nevertheless keep in the back of their dresser. Whether it be out of desperation or sheer forgetfulness, this god-awful pair of leggings always manages to derail your leg workout as you realize mid-squat that the whole gym has a great view of your Victoria’s Secret St. Patty’s day thong. Alas, you have two options. 1. You can cut your losses and scurry out of the gym, praying no one caught a glimpse of your ass, or 2. Say “f*ck it” and continue to squat in all of your sheer-legginged glory. The choice is yours, but I usually just roll with number 2. Life’s too short to miss out on gains when you’re already in the gym.
  2. Nike Pro Compression Shorts
    Believe me when I say these things are more trouble than they’re worth. While they may look amazing on the Nike website models, I guarantee that 5 minutes prior to that photo they were grabbing at their crotch in a futile attempt to unpick the Infamous Nike Pro Wedgie. Another horrible thing about this specific garment is that no matter where the waistband lies, it will never feel right. Never in my life have I worn a pair of shorts that feels like i’m wearing them too high and too low at the same time, but Nike Pro Compression shorts have given me just that.
  3. V-Neck Tee Shirts
    This is another garment that I never go out of my way to wear to the gym, but somehow continues to find its way back into my life. While this specific cut of tee shirt may not seem overtly offensive, it’s almost guaranteed that the whole world will get a glimpse down your entire shirt the second you bend forward further than 45 degrees. V-neck tee shirts are especially important to avoid on days where the majority of your exercises involve bending over. Deadlifts, bent-over rows, and planks are some of the worst offenders when it comes to accidental exposure, and are definitely exercises I avoid when I have the misfortune of sporting a V-neck tee.

So there you have it, 3 of my least favorite things to wear to the gym. These garments definitely have their place in fitness photoshoots and athleisure-type looks, but not so much during intense training sessions. Put functionality first so you can stay focused on on your workout rather than adjusting your outfit!