Are you Just Resting or Are You Recovering?


Are you Just Resting or Are You Recovering?

by: Stacy Moutafis

Most people and Trainer’s I have spoken to regarding rest, and recovery have the misconception that these are the same things. That resting is recovery, and recovery means resting, instead of each being a component of each category.

Rest and recovery are both critical components of a training program. Unfortunately, they are the most neglected when it comes to planning and utilization. Most don’t understand the importance, but if you train more than 10 hours per week, that means you have 158 hours left over, or non-training Hours. These hours are spent recovering and resting right? So why are we always tired?

Out of recovery, and rest, rest is the easiest to understand and implement. How you rest and spend this time is critical.

eat your way to six pack abs, infinite_labsWhen it comes to recovery, I refer to techniques used or actions taken to recover. We, of course, want to maximize the bodies repair, and then growth. At SM Fitness, this includes hydration, proper nutrition plans, flexibility and posture, heat, ice, massage, and stress management. Recovery takes a little of everything and relies more than on just muscle repair. Recovering also involves chemical and hormone balance, nervous system repair, mental state, and more. Hormonally, neurologically, and structurally we need to all rebuild.

As far as our physical structure, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones need repair. Muscles do recover the quickest because of the direct blood flow.  The rest of our structure has indirect blood flow and are more susceptible to injuries and stress.  Our goals here is to make your life better, by promoting overall health. So I try to emphasize performance without a sacrifice of health, and not feeling good.

At SM Fitness, we focus on the 80/20 Rule. Staying on plan, or training regimen 80% of the time and living life freely 20% of the time. Unless you are competing, or a Pro Athlete then at times during Season, we will ask for 99% Compliance.

gaba, caffeine, infinite_labsI have Broken Down my list of components of Rest and Recovery that we Use At SM Fitness, to ensure overall performance and health without sacrificing happiness.

circuit training, infinite_labs1. Sleep, the most crucial Component. We recommend 8 Hours of sleep per night to improve mental health, hormonal balance, and muscle recovery.

  • Sleep before Midnight hours are proven to be better hours of sleep quality.
  • Sleep In Total Darkness
  • Wake up to the sun if possible
  • Fresh air and cool temptress are proven to improve sleep quality.

2. Hydration: Water adequacy is vital to overall health, energy, recovery, and performance.

Usually, clients or athletes tend to be more proactive during training sessions, or events and slack off during day time and social activities. I recommend at least 1 oz. Per body weight per day. Dehydration can affect all of our bodily functions. These include insufficient nutrient uptake, metabolism, stress on organs, and poor hair and skin tone due to a lack of flushing of toxins.

  • Water is the best way to hydrate
  • During events, we recommend the Infinite labs electrolyte balance
  • Infinite Labs Whey Protein Isolate mixed with water will aid in muscle repair and when made with pure water is geared to help hydration.

3. Nutrition: At SM Fitness we have our standard protocol used for everyone, and we truly believe we are either eating poison through processed and chemically enhanced foods or we are eating natural food with nutrient packed qualities that are free from preservatives and chemicals that will destroy your recovery.

Some of our Best Tips

  • Eat Non-Processed foods for Complete Nutrition
  • Supplement with our Infinite Labs Whey Protein supplements to ensure proper protein intake and quality for effective muscle repair.
  • Eat Every Three hours to avoid that hunger crash, and prevent a metabolic letdown.

4. Flexibility and Posture: Our Culture sits more than any other, back pain and inflexibility is a common problem amongst most Americans.
Our posture is off, walking hunched over and low back pain is usually a complaint.
Here at SM Fitness we recommend the following techniques:

  • Supplement with Infinite Labs Pro Joint Formula and Vitamin C to aid in inflammation and joint pain.
    Stretch after every training.
  • Massage: Release of tight muscles and tension can be helped by massage and can make muscle tissue repair quicker and back to normal in no time.
  • Yoga: Yoga has been proven to improve flexibility, increase posture through core strengthening exercises. Yoga also helps mood by meditation and improve circulation.

5. Heat Ice and Compression: Using these three techniques can be very useful with recovery, and repairing injuries. So spending more time recovering can go a long way to prevent injuries from occurring.

Remember increasing sleep time, making sure your hydrated nad have a proper nutrition plan can all play a significant role here as well. They can speed up recovery time, and lower risk of injury.


  • Use Ice only on Immediate Injuries and sprains: to lessen immediate swelling
  • Use Heat Only on Strained Muscles and tightness in muscles
  • Only Use Compression on direct injury locations and always seek medical help when an injury is severe.


Stacy Moutafis
Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Coach, Speaker and and Author
[email protected]