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Joe Swat's Bootcamp

Ifbb Pro Joe Palumbo is a Freelance writer, he has Published Articles on Training regiments and techniques, Strength training and conditioning, General fitness, Weight loss and Nutrition. Specialize in fitness for Law enforcement and Military Personal.

New Leg Training Exercises to Increase Strength and Size

The Power of the BOX JUMP By Joe Palumbo Use this move to build a strong lean athletic physique. Speed will bring your strength to new levels and the quickest way to get explosive power is with...
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Best Tea’s for Fat Loss and Health

Best Tea's for Fat Loss and Health NOT ALL TEAS ARE EQUAL, depending on your goals, one could be more beneficial for you. Tea has been used as medicine for centuries. Now modern science is...
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Lose Fat by Adding a Little Spice to Your Life

LOSE FAT BY ADDING A LITTLE SPICE TO YOUR LIFE… With the New Year arrival so is the flood of e-mail’s asking for my “secret” for weight loss and being Fit. There is no secret...
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Cortisol May be Necessary for Muscle Growth

The Good, the Bad, and the Truth about Cortisol by Joe Palumbo by IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo Twenty years ago, the average person did not know what cortisol was. Today, cortisol is known as a...