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Joe Swat's Bootcamp

Ifbb Pro Joe Palumbo is a Freelance writer, he has Published Articles on Training regiments and techniques, Strength training and conditioning, General fitness, Weight loss and Nutrition. Specialize in fitness for Law enforcement and Military Personal.

Superhuman Shoulder, Infinite_labs


  SUPERMAN SHOULDERS by IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo NO physique is complete without a nice set of properly developed shoulders. To have powerful looking shoulders, the size of all three heads needs to be maximized in...

The Deadlift for Bodybuilding

THE DEADLIFT: The Ultimate Complete Body Exercise by IFBB PRO Joe Palumbo There is so much to be said about this incredible exercise that it is almost unbelievable. It is the one exercise that affects...
spice, fat loss, infinite_labs

Lose Fat by Adding a Little Spice to Your Life

LOSE FAT BY ADDING A LITTLE SPICE TO YOUR LIFE… With the New Year arrival so is the flood of e-mail’s asking for my “secret” for weight loss and being Fit. There is no secret...
machine vs free weights, infinite_labs

Can you Still Pack on Mass with Just Machines?

Can you Still Pack on Mass with Just Machines? A question I am often asked is; what produces better results, machine or free weights. It seems like everyone has an opinion on this debate. Knowing first...