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Diet Fuel: Majority of Fats in Almonds Not Absorbed

Majority of Fats in Almonds Not Absorbed In the fitness world, almonds are praised for their presence of monounsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins like riboflavin, and trace minerals such as magnesium.  In addition...

Caffeine Timing: How Long Before Your Workout Should You Take Caffeine?

Caffeine Timing: Time Your Pre-Workout for Peak Performance by: Robbie Durand You’re headed to the gym and you pop your pre-workout capsules and arrive at the gym 10 minutes later.  You start working out, but guess...
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Your Thyroid and Weight Loss

The Connection is Real Weight and Thyroid Your thyroid dictates much of your metabolism, any malfunction or disease afflicting this area may cause you to have problems in metabolism leading to a drastic problem with your...
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Whey vs Casein for Muscle: Which is Better?

Whey vs Casein for Muscle: Which is Better by: Robbie Durand A large number of athletes and exercisers have turned to protein supplements to meet these excess demands on the body placed by lifting weights or...

Eating Disorder Illnesses

There are illnesses that you can get from dieting. These are eating disorders.  There's two main types and they are anorexia and bulimia.  About 2 million people in the United States are suffering right...
Best Vitamins For Muscle Growth - Infinte Labs

Best Vitamins For Muscle Growth

What are vitamins? Vitamins are a source of nutrition needed to help sustain life. Most vitamins can come from food but you can become deficient in many different vitamins when you are constantly lifting.   There...
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Not All Fats Are Equal!! Best Fats for Testosterone

Not All Fats Are Equal!! Best Fats for Testosterone by Robbie Durand In the early 80 and 90’s, low-fat diets were the mainstream way to lose weight.  It was a diet of chicken breasts and egg...
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Everything You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting

Are you a serial snacker, cabinet grazer, or overeater? Without structure, erratic eating habits are nearly impossible to break. Intermittent fasting is a great way to kickstart fat loss, decrease risk of disease, and...

Green Mass: Vegetables for Bodybuilding

If you examine most athlete’s and bodybuilder’s diet, you will find a large portion of the diet consists of protein’s, carbohydrates, and fats, and smaller portions of fruits and veggies.  Fruits and vegetables are...
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PROTEIN 101: The Ultimate Guide to Protein

PROTEIN 101: The Ultimate Guide to Protein. Commit the time to studying more about protein as you have training and you’ll be on your way to better athlete!