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Fat Burning

Eating too Fast Reduces Fat Burning and Thermogenesis

Another interesting finding was that the thermic effect of food was correlated with the chewing and frequency. This led the researchers to suggest that a lowered thermic effect of food from eating faster was...
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Which Protein’s Are the Most Thermogenic?

Which Protein's Are the Most Thermogenic? Just as we know that not all carbs or fats are treated the same by your body, we also know that proteins are unique in their own right. Casein,...
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Eat More Calories Per Day But Lose More Fat

Eat More Calories Per Day But Lose More Fat Great news for all guys and girls that love protein, a new study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that...

Potassium and Sodium for Athletes: Essential minerals and nutrients

Every human needs a reasonable supply of all minerals and nutrients. The demand just gets doubled when your figure changes from just an average physique to a muscular, athletic one. Hitting the gym is...
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PROTEIN 101: The Ultimate Guide to Protein

PROTEIN 101: The Ultimate Guide to Protein. Commit the time to studying more about protein as you have training and you’ll be on your way to better athlete!

Caffeine Timing: How Long Before Your Workout Should You Take Caffeine?

Caffeine Timing: Time Your Pre-Workout for Peak Performance by: Robbie Durand You’re headed to the gym and you pop your pre-workout capsules and arrive at the gym 10 minutes later.  You start working out, but guess...

Essential Vitamins at a Glance

There is an array of vitamins and minerals around us. But essential vitamins are the ones which aid us in doing the most important tasks of our lives. These vitamins help your body to...
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Tweaking the Right Protein and Carbs for Better Abs

Tweaking the Right Protein and Carbs for Weight Loss While eating a moderate amount of calories is important to maintaining a healthy weight, diet shouldn’t only be about counting calories. This is something that bodybuilders...
Arnold Diet

The “Arnold” Diet: Look at the diet of one of the world’s best bodybuilders

Arnold’s body is probably the best you could find on this planet. It is not like he spends his time in the gym throughout the day. If you want a body like him, you...

How much protein do you need?

If you have followed the latest research involving studies investigating the maximal amount of protein you can absorb in one sitting, it seems that maximal increases in protein synthesis occur at 30-40 grams of...