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Tweaking the Right Protein and Carbs for Better Abs

Tweaking the Right Protein and Carbs for Weight Loss While eating a moderate amount of calories is important to maintaining a healthy weight, diet shouldn’t only be about counting calories. This is something that bodybuilders...
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Incinerate Fat Elevate Final Cutz

ELEVATE FINAL CUTZ the newest edition of premium supplements..Revolutionary Thermogenic to Help Burn Fat and Support Heart Health
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Best Foods for Muscle Growth

Best Foods for Muscle Growth by: Robbie Durand Cholesterol is bad for you, right?  "High cholesterol causes heart disease" has been pounded into our brains for decades, but there is much debate as to whether cholesterol...
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The Complete Woman’s Guide to Six Pack Abs

The Complete Woman's Guide to Six Pack Abs Most women think that to get a slim and sexy stomach, they need to increase the number of sit-ups they do every day.  Sit-ups by themselves will...
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Females Can Pump More Reps with Citrulline

8 Grams of Citrulline Increases Women’s Gym Performance Nitric oxide (NO) is a key molecular and cellular messenger in the body that, among other biological processes, is used to increase blood flow in the body...
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Androgen Receptors: Pack on More Muscle

Androgen Receptors: Pack on the Muscle By Robbie Durand Testosterone and other androgen's are thought to increase lean body mass and reduce fat body mass in men by activating the androgen receptor. You can have all...

Bernadett Matassa – Ab-solutely Passionate About Fitness

Bernadett Matassa: Ab-solutely Passionate About Fitness By: Ruth Silverman Photos by: Kristia Knowles Reprinted from Muscle Media Magazine Bernadett Matassa jokes about her accent making it difficult to understand her, but the IFBB bikini-turned-figure pro from Florida by...
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Infinite One Series: AAKG

Infinite One Series: AAKG Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG) is a nonessential amino acid that supports the production of nitric oxide and the regulation of blood flow throughout the body.* L-Arginine is a dietary supplement most commonly used...
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Protein or Carbs: Which is More Anabolic Post-Workout

Protein or Carbs: Which is More Anabolic Post-Workout By: Brandon Lirio The importance (and in some cases even the existence) of the anabolic window has been debated for years. While it’s a bodybuilding fallacy to consider...
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Whole Body Training More Effective Than Split Training

Whole Body Training More Effective Than Split Training by: Robbie Durand Casey Viator was a beast, yet he trained three times a week, working the whole body in one workout lasting about 2 to 2½ hours....