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IIFYM Pros & Cons

IIFYM Pros & Cons

by Dina Barella

The IIFYM ( “If It Fits Your Macros”) macro calculator is a flexible dieting tool developed for flexible dieting for fat loss. To see the calculator, click here:



● You are able to eat foods that are appetizing and full of delicious flavor that are typically considered unhealthy, as long as it is the right portion.
● It is an easier diet adjustment than the average diet adjustment of clean eating.
● Clean eating can be repetitive and is common to eat the same or similar meals, which can very restrictive diets, like clean eating, can lead to eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, etc.).
● A common fear for clean eating is that if you have a fast metabolism and only eat “clean foods,” you may overeat fiber which causes digestive distress in some.
● Having some flexibility in your diet is key to long­term success.

● Although IIFYM allows for greater flexibility as long as you stay within your calorie and macronutrient limits, it is not always easy to track your calories and macros.
● Without keeping your diet healthy by eating clean, you are not avoiding foods that have dangerous levels of trans fats and others chemicals known to harm your health. All the dyes, preservatives and other chemicals that may lead to serious health issues like be at a higher risk for diabetes and heart issues.
● “Clean” foods are simpler and have fewer ingredients, which makes it easier to adjust your macronutrient ratios.
● Simple, repetitive meal plans, common among “clean eaters,” are less likely to cause measurement errors.
● Successfully following an IIFYM diet requires you to limit your portions sizes of cheat foods so that you stay within your calorie and macro limits, but controlling portions is a big problem for many. Clean eating helps, because in many clean eating diets, you can eat more food and still have a good calorie intake.



Clean eating and IIFYM can cause the person to be deficient in other things such as omegas, minerals and vitamins. Its very important to supplement during any diets with a great multi vitamin, omegas and other products such Infinite Labs has to offer.

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