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TRX Training is a “new” player in the fitness industry and it’s beginning to take on a major role. In case you didn’t know, TRX stand for: Total Body Resistance Exercise, and it is very well named. Developed by retired Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, applications for TRX Training are meant to be as diverse and adaptable as the special forces soldiers who first tested it.

TRX TrainingSo why should you use TRX Training?

It allows a level of adaptability with virtually no limits. If you’re a fitness guru, you can use the TRX to improve joint stability. If you’re someone who has never worked out, you’ll find a challenging but proper beginning point. The TRX allows for progressions and regressions by simply changing your angle or moving your feet forward or backward or adjusting your hand placement.

TRX Training uses principles which start from the bottom up. You learn the basic movements and exercises first and you work until you’ve mastered them. Only when you’ve mastered one level do you take the next progression forward. “Earning your Progression” is a lesson taught continuously. You do what you can, and until you have mastered it, you never move forward to harder exercises.

Teaching their base movements to clients has allowed both trainers using TRX and trainers teaching traditional weight training to simplify their coaching techniques and improve the education for clients. The base movements are:








TRX TrainingWhen a client learns these movements and learns the form associated with them, virtually any exercise becomes teachable. That’s what sets their training philosophy apart and has allowed them to make such a large impact in the fitness world in a relatively short amount of time.

While adaptable to people and progressions, the TRX Training is also adaptable to location. Anywhere there is a sturdy wall or tree or pole or post or door there can be a functioning TRX. In today’s world where exercise equipment is generally heavy and expensive, the TRX is neither. Pick up all 1lbs of its weight and go. No extra barbells or weights needed. Your body weight, gravity, and a set of uniquely designed straps will provide you with an insanely challenging workout. Don’t fall for the appearance either. If something looks easy on the TRX, it probably isn’t. Give TRX a try. I think you’ll be very pleased with your workouts.

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