No Excuses!! A Busy Mom's Transformation to Fitness - Infinte Labs

No Excuses!! A Busy Mom's Transformation to Fitness

No Excuses!! A Busy Mom’s Transformation to Fitness

by: Valerie Sinclair

I’ve always been the type of girl to work out, eat healthy, be active and feel strong. Fast forward to when you’re in your 30’s and something once so routine and simple becomes extremely difficult and obligatory. I found myself 6 months after having a baby, working 9+ hr. days and managing a household feeling out of shape, unhealthy, tired and in need of some help, answers and solutions. I had no time to go to the gym and had tried many “at home 30 min” workout programs which really weren’t giving me the results I was after. I met Stacy Moutafis through a friend online and she has completely transformed my life! Not only was a blown away by her appearance and physique, but learning that she is a mother of 2 and runs her own business made her extremely genuine and relateable. I had started by telling her that due to my work and child care schedule it was almost impossible for me to go to the gym. Stacy designed a work out program for me AT HOME with free weights I had which took less time to do then many previous at home workout programs I have tried before.

Stacy introduced me to Infinite Labs products and I, again, was blown away. The pre-workout, protein powder and BCAA were the most delicious I had ever tasted and I found myself more satiated after post work out shakes than ever before. In just 3 short months Stacy was able to transform my body to better than I ever thought was even possible. With the help of Stacy Moutafis and Infinite Labs products I now weigh less than I did in high school (let alone post baby) and was able to compete in my first NPC bikini competition which has always been a pipe dream. Image I want to give a huge thank you to Stacy Moutafis at SM fitness and Infinite Labs for helping me achieve more than I ever thought possible. Without Stacy’s training program, knowledge, support, advice and all of the delicious Infinite Labs products I would not have been able to just complete what I did. I am now incredibly happy with my body and have more energy and confidence than I’ve had in years and it is all thanks to Stacy and Infinite Labs. I highly recommend working with Stacy and using these products as I will be forever grateful and continue to use them to achieve my next goal.

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