Positive Words Lead to Positive Actions
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Positive Words Lead to Positive Actions

They say where the mind goes the body follows. In other words, you need the right attitude and a positive mindset to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is true in fitness, business, sports, or any other aspect of life.

By Roger Lockridge

If you’re looking to achieve a great body or lift a certain amount of weight, then you need to get your mind right. Approaching a goal with a negative mindset not only feels bad in the moment, it prevents you from achieving positive goals in your future.

So how do you get your mind in the right place to achieve these extraordinary feats? One crucial tool you can use to empower yourself is words. There are different terms you should use when it comes to pursuing fitness excellence in any form. While nothing is guaranteed, your chances at success are much greater if you focus on choosing positive words.

Replace “Can” with “Will”

While “can” is not always a negative word, the problem is that it leaves too much room for quitting. If you’ve already set a goal, then it’s likely you’ve established that it IS possible. In other words, you already know you “can”, so what’s the point of repeating it?

One way to instantly establish that you “will” do something is to say it. If someone asks you about a certain weight on a bar, don’t just say that you “can”, decide that you “will.” Repeat to yourself “I will get that weight for 10 reps,” and immediately your confidence will skyrocket!

Replace “Workout” with “Training”

A hard lifting session is a “workout” just like a walk on the treadmill is, but the level of intensity can vary quite dramatically. While “workout” and “training” are often used interchangeably, the word “training” brings with it a sense of purpose. Where “working out” tends to be geared towards aesthetics, “training” is a different level of commitment to your fitness goals. You can “work out” to look good, but you can “train” to win a competition- see the difference?

Replace “Diet” with “Program”

The dreaded “d” word is one with a lot of negative stigma attached to it. The word “diet” often manifests feelings of depravation, struggle, and failure- never good things to feel when your goal is to bring more positive actions into your life. When we think of “diets”, we think of unpleasant temporary fixes, but isn’t the main goal of a diet to bring positive results?

Replacing the word “diet” with “program” has the same effect that “workout” does with “program”. It means you are serious about results, and you are committed to making positive changes in your life. Where diets are often associated with failure, programs are associated with success. A diet is a fleeting idea, but a program is a daily routine that holds you accountable to implementing positive changes in your life.

You Can Do It

To get your body in shape, you first have to get your mind in shape. Putting effort into thinking positive words will bring you closer to your fitness goals and make you feel good during the whole process.