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Manuel Lirio: I am Juggernaut Winner

Manuel-Lirio-1336210709-1I joined the I am Juggernaut challenge in an effort to stay motivated with my training and path to a healthier lifestyle. I found that logging my journey not only kept me accountable, but also provided a nice platform to look back on and keep a history of where I had been and where I was going. What I was not expecting to find was a community and forum where I became acquainted with so many great folks from all walks of life. It was fascinating to see others motivating each other and offering great advice not only with their fitness struggles, but daily life struggles that they faced. From the day I was selected as one of the winners of the challenge, I was treated as a VIP from Infinite Labs. They sent me free product and provided an all-expenses paid trip to the Arnold Sports Festival. From the moment of arrival I felt like the most important person there. That’s because everyone, from the company owner, the IFBB Pro’s representing the company, to all employees working the booth worked hard to ensure that my every need was met. We were assigned a personal escort to take us around the show, introduce us to other companies, supplied us with free samples, took care of all our meals, and were treated to all access passes to all events at the venue. Additionally, we were introduced to the top level athletes, physique and fitness models. It’s like getting a chance to attend the Olympics and getting to meet, talk and get photos with every medal winner. It was an experience I will never forget! After returning from the show, I was pumped and excited. I received great advice from IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo and other athletes about gaining mass and putting on size. I returned home, and following their advice, in 3 months was able to put on 15 pounds of solid mass. Soon after I took the stage in the NPC Connecticut State Championships were I placed third. I plan on competing again. Armed with the knowledge acquired from the Infinite Labs community, whether to be consistent with nutrition and training, to variation of exercises, to pushing beyond limits; I know that creating a better me is happening! Doing the I Am Juggernaut challenge enabled me to make lifelong friendships. The support and motivation provided during the challenge hasn’t ceased and has continued in the I Am Juggernaut Facebook group and the Infinite Labs pages and website. Infinite Labs products are by far the best I have ever used and are now the only products I use. Their passion for creating the best supplements has transcended into creating the best fitness community, second to none. I am very grateful for the opportunity Infinite Labs provided me and thank them for welcoming me into the Infinite Labs family with open arms.

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