Jaime-Luis-Esquilin-2101633147-2Where do I begin??? Lol. I started the I am Juggernaut challenge while deployed in Afghanistan as a Civilian Contractor for the United States Marine Corps. I myself am a Marine Corps Veteran of 12 years. Now when I started this challenge I would have never guessed it would have affected me as strongly as it did in such a positive way. I have always been an avid gym guy. However this challenge helped me hone my knowledge even more as well as make some amazing friends along the way. I had a phenomenal group of individuals in the challenge whom helped motivate me through to the finish especially on those days when I didn’t think I had it in me. The first time around when I entered I was a Junior Juggernaut winner and extremely happy with that but I figured I would try my hand at it again since I am not one to take things lightly. I worked even harder the second time around and actually become a IAJ Winner along with Betsy Lane, Alika Copaliano, Jan Dy, and Overall Winner Adam Gordon. I have formed such a great friendship with these people it’s beyond measure. I had a amazing group of Infinite Reps to help me along the way as well as Infinite Athletes to ask questions too if and when I needed help so Big thanks IFBB Pros, Joe Palumbo and Stan McQuay for that.
Jaime-Luis-Esquilin-2101633147-1Shortly after winning the IAJ 2012 and having the experience of a lifetime going to The Olympia and meeting everyone I was given the opportunity to represent Infinite Labs as an Elite Infinite athlete to which I said “YES EMPHATECALLY” I then hoped on stage myself in Men’s Physique in August of 2012. I was lucky enough to place 9th in my first show at The NJ Tri State Championships and 3rd at The NJ States Championship where I qualified to compete on The National Stage. If it wasn’t for this competition I would have never even thought about actually competing and I thank every day I did what I did to get where I am today. So be sure that if you read this to definitely try your hand in the next I am Juggernaut competition it may change your life.

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