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3 Mental Pitfalls You Should Avoid to Reach Success

3 Mental Pitfalls You Should Avoid to Reach Success

We all want success in our lives and sometimes knowing what you shouldn’t do is just as important as knowing what you should do. This applies not only to your workouts in the gym, it applies to your diet, your job, and even your personal life success! Avoiding these mental pitfalls will help you reach your goals faster and build a strong mindset that will help you in and out of the gym.

By Roger Lockridge

Progressing on your fitness journey, it can be easy to fall into traps that will stall your progress or even lead you to fall back. Obviously this is NOT what we want to happen. These 3 pitfalls are among the most notable and if you can avoid them or learn to overcome them, your chances of success are much greater.

  1. Comparing Yourself to Others

This is by far the most notorious pitfall and at one point or another, we have all likely done this. We see someone in the gym or on social media that is in great shape, successful, and everything we wish we could be. By that measure we deem ourselves a failure and the negative freight train starts rolling. When you see these people and start making comparisons, keep this in mind. That person didn’t start with what you started with. That person has not faced the adversities you have. They are not on the same journey you’re on. So if that person was in your shoes, would he or she be as successful? No one knows. It’s your journey and your success. Comparing success is not logical or possible, especially when it comes to fitness. Fitness is relative, and the only way to reliably measure success is by becoming a better you!

2. Using Soreness to Measure Success/Failure of a Workout

We’re all familiar with that initial soreness that came after those first few workouts. Eventually that soreness subsides and we move on. We’re also aware that as time goes by, that soreness decreases. Another mistake that many of us have believed is if we’re not as sore then the workout wasn’t as productive. The fact is our bodies adapt to the trauma that’s placed upon it from training. If it’s prepared for something, then it can adapt. So while pain isn’t a good barometer to measure with, there are other ways like feeling the muscles working throughout the training session, if you completed all the sets and reps you planned to, and if strength or endurance is improving.

3. Stopping at a Down Moment

There will be days that some workouts aren’t as productive as others. There will also be days that mentally you’re not running on all cylinders either. It was a bad day overall, something went wrong, you were distracted, or maybe you weren’t feeling particularly confident that day. While stopping and taking a day for mental health is a good call, don’t let whatever you’re facing stop you long term. Doing that will be a step in the wrong direction which can lead to more negative issues. Remember that the best way to make progress is to do something, anything that will move you towards success. Whatever bad times you’re facing isn’t the norm, just remember that it’s temporary and don’t take your eyes off your long term goals.